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How can VoIP help your building or business?

With On premise PBX technology becoming obsolete due to the upcoming PSTN/ISDN Switch off announced from BT (Find out more info on the switch off here: Are you prepared for a digital future? ( ) , traditional phone systems have surpassed quality and convenience for businesses in comparison to its new digital cloud-based counterparts which are much more efficient.

This is just one of the reasons why Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the ideal solution, lets take a look at the other benefits of using VoIP:

Increased accessibility – Accessibility is one of VoIP’s biggest benefits for businesses and buildings. The distinct advantage of cloud-based VoIP is that it offers the ability to make calls from anywhere with a WiFi connection, meaning team members can be productive and agile from any location. When and if you are unable to answer a call for any reason you also have the ability to direct calls to another person or receive voicemails via email.

Future proofing – With the rise of cloud solutions and data usage sky rocketing since the pandemic, it only makes sense for telephony solutions to be cloud based. It is now the modern standard for communication.

Resilient – Having a hosted service means your phone system is always on regardless of the internet connection in your building or even your buildings power. With automatic failover to Mobile App or even to direct phone calls to mobiles phones themselves the system can truly be used from anywhere at any time.

Higher scalability – Wouldn’t it make life so much easier for you to have a phone system that grows with your business? Well VoIP is the answer! Expanding your VoIP network can be done at a far cheaper cost vs traditional phone systems, for example you could open a new branch within your business, and you can scale this just by buying an internet connection and sending out a some VoIP handsets.

Budget friendly, lower costs – With all costs on the rise, it’s so important to find smart, cost effective solutions for your business. VoIP allows efficiency of running all communication applications through one device which then facilitates lower office infrastructure expenses. VoIP calls are cheaper compared to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or the traditional circuit-switched telephone network by a stretch. Calls between branches are free and most of the packages we supply include free minutes to UK landlines (01/02/03 numbers) and mobile phones reducing your call spend.

Higher flexibility – VoIP systems can be built around your building and business infrastructure, you can set up Auto attendants, custom ring groups, turn on call recording and even have live wallboards showing call stats, all built in as standard. It also provides smartphone applications as well which adds to the flexibility of the systems as your remote team members can use the system without buying new handsets.

VoIP allows you to future proof your business. The ending of traditional PTSN lines is creeping ever nearer with many areas now unable to order copper lines. VoIP solutions bring an array of benefits for buildings and offices small and large, our telephony specialists at Total IT can support you and your business make the transition to VoIP telephony system tailored for your exact needs.

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Qcom Ltd
Qcom Ltd
Nov 22, 2023

Great insights on how VoIP can benefit buildings and businesses! Qcom Ltd excels as business hosted VoIP providers, offering tailored solutions for seamless, cost-effective communication. Elevate your connectivity with Qcom Ltd today!

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