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Managed continuity

Managed Continuity

Around 60% of SMEs who experience data breaches fail within 6 months. Peace of mind comes from the latest cyber security measures and managed IT services to backup data off-site. Our IT experts provide data protection systems you can trust, including backups as often as every 5 minutes. Advanced verification systems, alerts and automated reporting to proactively monitor your data are all part of responsive disaster recovery plans to protect your business future

Continuous, Reliable Data Protection

100% confidence in your backups, Datto provides peace of mind that your client's backups are good and will restore when you need them

The best way to protect your business from an interruption in access to data – or a data breach - is to contact us now. We will look at your existing systems, and recommend cost-effective steps to ensure the continuity of your organisation.


Run as often as every five minutes with advanced verification to ensure backups boot correctly and are intact


Backups are stored securely and scanned to ensure no ransomware is present


Configurable alerts and automated reporting to proactively monitor protected systems

IT Business Continuity Plan

It starts with information technology experts Total IT auditing your existing data protection systems and suggesting the best ways to backup data for your business. We work with Datto backup protection within Microsoft 365, as it has proven to be the best data storage system for countless clients. Especially when it's configured to meet your business needs, including setting the frequency of data backups.

Retrieving Data In a Crisis

Using your tailored data recovery plan, Total IT helps you to overcome data breaches or an interruption to HQ business technology. We can provide you with access to stored data – using carefully checked, clean devices – to keep your business operations on track.
Not just vital financial or customer information either. We ensure you can restore data from online meetings, messaging and Teams chats too! Everything you need to ‘hit the ground running’ after an interruption to your business.


Protection for your important data and systems


Redundant copies of data to protect you from ransomware

On The Go

Virtual compatibility to recreate IT infrastructure on the fly

Experience Total IT

for your Managed Continuity needs
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