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Managed Connectivity

Well-managed enterprise networks and improved data speeds and control are just some of the advantages of using our IT specialist services. By partnering with major wholesalers, we provide internet connectivity directly into buildings, to improve and secure the connections landlords and their tenants need for connectivity in the face of rapidly advancing technology

Total IT Connectivity

Multi-occupancy workspaces – especially shared offices – demand the latest types of Internet/Ethernet connections to meet the needs of modern businesses.
Even a sole occupant head office will need an advanced managed network, to integrate its diverse departments, and to keep branches and remote workers connected effectively and efficiently.

Our Service

Updating or transforming your managed networks with Total IT can help you save two vital commodities – time and money!
If you are the sole occupant of your building, having faster internet access can help you to do more business, or make your business better by underpinning a vital competitive edge.

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Minimal downtime
Tailored to you
Fast speeds
Internet / Ethernet

Total IT work closely with industry experts to deliver high-bandwidth internet/ethernet connections into multi-tenant office buildings. We offer speed and efficiency when it really matters, with scalable lines tailored to your buildings needs. 

Managed WiFi

Our managed WiFi solutions make sure that you are getting the right bandwidth tailored for your needs ensuring efficiency and no hidden or unexpected costs. Our specialist engineers are highly trained and work closely with our vendors to smoothly configure, install and manage your WiFi.

Managed Networks

It is so important that you have the right networks for your building! Our expert connectivity team can do it all, from configuration, installation, management to troubleshooting and essential firmware upgrades. You can count on the team at Total IT to manage your networks efficiently.

Hyper Speed

Slow WiFi can have major effects on the running's of your business. Stay ahead of your competition and keep your team connected with our hyper speed solutions! 

Experience Total IT

for your Managed Connectivity needs
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