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Managed IT security

Managed IT Security

Knowing how to protect your devices and networks from cyberattacks or accidental data loss is vital. Our IT security services – delivered by our own skilled cybersecurity professionals – safeguard your crucial business technology. Including delivering robust anti-fraud and data loss measures and training your team to be vigilant to online threats. This comes from our experience and understanding of the way cybercriminals operate. We’re also central to crisis planning and recovery processes

Total IT Security

Bringing in managed IT security services is an investment in your business's future. Data breaches can result in business interruption, but also lost contracts, lost clients and a loss of reputation.

In the UK, 88% of businesses were victims of data breaches in 2020.


Our Service

The first step in making your IT more secure is for Total IT to complete an assessment of your data protection capabilities. Including the essential cyber security measures all companies should use. We offer Vulnerability scanning services that reveal any gaps, cracks and overlaps in your cyber defences too.

Then, our tailored IT Security Report provides cyber defence solutions for your organisation.

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Complete Support

When you entrust your network security to us, the services we provide incorporate on-site or on-net support for hardware maintenance, VPN configuration, policy management and system admin support. The complete security support package.

On-net Assistance

If you would rather retain the overall responsibility for handling the managed security of your business, Total IT’s on-net service is the package of choice for you. We will manage your data 24/7 from our control center, protecting you with our state-of-the-art firewall. SME’s can now enjoy high-level security normally reserved for large blue-chip companies using our ‘on-net’ services, all at ‘non-blue chip’ prices.

On-Site Support

For those without the time or resources to manage their network security, our ‘on-site’ support packages offer on-site firewall protection on a dual-management basis where you still retain control over your security.
Round-the-clock support means that you are always sure that your network is being monitored and protected against potential threats.

Password Security

Our specialist team can help your organisation improve its password security. There are several new technologies available that will help us achieve this. We will assist users on creating secure passwords upon request. Our security awareness training will also train your organisation on best password security practices, so your users have the ability to create their own super secure passwords and password hygiene.

Furthermore, to secure passwords we will guide you through setting up Multi Factor Authentication or even Password less Authentication if it is available for your organisation. Weak passwords and reused passwords are the leading cause of an organisation being compromised so our assistance in getting your access secured will make a large impact on your company’s Vulnerability to attack.

Take our password test below to see just how secure your 'P@s$.W0rd' is:

ultimate protection
Ultimate protection
disaster recovery
Disaster recovery
Cyber Security

Cyber security has become an essential part of an organisations business. Keeping your business safe from cyber-attacks is necessary in the current threat landscape. Our specialist security team can help you to implement tailored security solutions to reduce your risk of attack.

cyber security
Vulnerability Scanning

External and/or internal vulnerability scanning is performed on your organisations supported devices and internet facing IP addresses to give us advanced information on current vulnerabilities for your business.


No organisation can be completely impenetrable however, with this up-to-date knowledge, we can reduce the attack surface of your business, making it very difficult to orchestrate and execute an attack. As a result, malicious actors will likely choose easier targets.

vulnerability scanning
Email Security

Emails are the biggest targets for many organisations. We can secure your emails with Advanced Threat Protection, and advanced filtering. No filter has a 100% success record so our security awareness training will teach your organisations users to report suspicious emails that have passed the filters for us to analyse and advise if it’s a real threat.


This also allows us to block genuinely malicious emails and the infrastructure that sent them. We report these emails to a Central hub to improve the detection rate for all organisations we manage. This means other businesses reporting emails also helps to secure your organisation.

anti virus
Security Awareness

Our Security awareness training will help your users become more aware of potential cyber security risks and what can be done to mitigate this risk.


This includes simulation phishing emails sent to your inboxes as way of training your users to report emails.

A Phish Alert button is deployed to your organisations email clients for users to report all suspicious emails to us for analysis.


Any training emails will immediately congratulate your users on successful reporting with a pop-up message explaining this was a simulation email and they did the correct thing of reporting it.

security awareness
Security Reports

Our Enhanced and Premier customers have the benefit of receiving reports of key performance indicators on a monthly basis. These reports will show you how successful we are in reducing your risk and will also suggest continuous improvements for further reducing this risk.

managed security

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