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Managed Telephony Total IT UK

Managed Telephony

Business telecom specialists manage video, voice, and Internet services that reduce your spending on communications. From installation of technology such as VoIP telephony, to remote or onsite installation/support. Our IT network support team keep you connected and tackle emergency IT issues, including routing, switching, firewalls and other network security services

Total IT Telephony

Transitioning your business to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is also a vital way to support connectivity for remote and hybrid work teams.

One of the reasons Total IT’s services to install Microsoft phone systems are so in demand!
VoIP will also improve the value of multi-occupant and coworking office space, as tenants and temporary workers can make online phone calls instantly.

Business Mobiles

Our unique mobile solutions for remote working and collaboration, ensure competitive pricing, and connectivity from all major mobile phone networks. A wide range of handsets keeping your business up to date.

What Does Managed Telephony Include?

As with other IT support services provided by Total IT, the activities of our specialist digital telecoms team will be geared towards your current and future business goals.

Including helping you to:
Reduce investment in physical telecoms hardware
Configure your best Microsoft Phone System
Expand the number of Phone Lines in your company, with free call options
Advice you on Horizon, 3CX, Number Porting and other contemporary telecoms topics.
Train your staff in using the best low-cost commercial telecoms system

Advanced features
Work from anywhere
Complete solutions

Experience Total IT

for your Managed Telephony needs
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