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Smart buildings

Smart Buildings

A Smart Building (often referred to as 'buildings of the future') can be defined as a building that uses sophisticated automated processes to manage and control its operations, eg: Security, Lighting, WiFi, Heat and various other systems

How Can We Benefit your business?

Our Team specialise in providing IT Support around the clock for smart buildings, with our expert team currently looking after over 500 smart buildings across the UK!


Our services can include anything from Fully Managed IT Support & Security, Public WiFi to Cloud Services and Phone systems. Our team is highly trained and well equipped for all of your business' IT needs

smart buildings
cloud security

We provide 24/7 365 support to all of our clients.

Our knowledge and experience is of high value in the Smart Building sector.

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Our Service

A fully integrated network of sensors, software and microchips are used in these buildings in order to generate a consistent stream of data which is convertible to key real time insights which can then be used for constant improvements in efficiency and cost

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