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Access control system

Access Control

Working with our partners at Genetec we aim to provide you with the most flexible IP-based Access control system tailored specifically for your buildings requirements.


One of the key features of Genetec Synergis is its ability to integrate with other security systems, such as video surveillance and intrusion detection. This means that you can view live video feeds of your facility right from the Synergis interface, and receive alerts if there is suspicious activity.


A great feature of Genetec Synergis is its scalability. The system can be easily expanded to accommodate more doors or users as your organization grows. Additionally, Synergis can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, giving you the flexibility to choose the deployment model that works best for your organization.

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Why should you migrate?

Genetec Synergis is a powerful access control solution that helps organisations secure their buildings, people, and assets. This cutting-edge technology is designed to work seamlessly with other Genetec security systems, making it a great choice for organizations looking to upgrade their security infrastructure.


With Genetec Synergis, you can easily control who has access to your buildings, and when. The system allows you to set up different access levels for different groups of people, such as employees, contractors, and visitors. You can also set up schedules to control when doors are unlocked and locked, and assign specific doors or areas to certain users.


Overall, Genetec Synergis is a robust and reliable access control solution that can help organizations of all sizes to secure their facilities and protect their assets. With its powerful features, integration capabilities, and scalability, Synergis is a great choice for organizations looking to upgrade their security infrastructure.

(Source: Genetec)

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