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The Power of Digital Signage

Digital signage can be found almost anywhere in the modern world, it allows businesses the freedom to display content in many different formats, from videos and announcements to presentations and information.

Digital signage is becoming more widespread & beneficial for multiple industries and we want to discuss these benefits.

· Engagement promotion

Digital Signage encourages you to connect with your customers in new and innovative ways, you have the ability create impactful, on-brand content without limits.

We have partnered with ‘ScreenCloud’ to help our clients to ensure that they have relevant, localised and fresh content that will engage customers and make their experience that much more special.

· Scalability

As we mentioned, digital signage brings great potential to all industries of all sizes, whether you’re a small bakery or a massive energy firm, digital signage can be tailored to your needs and future goals, as your business grows your digital signage network can too!

With ScreenCloud you can integrate more and more screens without have to buy, set up and learn new systems each time therefore, increasing productivity as well!

· Cost effective

We understand that content is constantly changing and you may need to make changes or develop new content regularly. Luckily with a digital signage solution you have the ability to do this at any time without having to pay! Unlike with print advertising where you can potentially waste a lot of resources and is less impactful in the modern climate.

Digital signage is compromised of an initial investment and a flat monthly rate therefore you can utilise it to reduce your overhead costs to display any previously printed information, for example retail stores can use digital signage to display sale announcements rather than flyers or a restaurant can look into digital menus to help keep overhead costs down.

· Efficiency/User friendly

As a cloud-based platform, digital signage platforms are designed to be efficient and user-friendly.

This is one of ScreenCloud’s most significant benefit as you have the ability to change your content within a moment’s notice, for example if you have an urgent announcement to make across all 9 of your stores in multiple locations, you are able to publish this announcement simultaneously from your one remote location with the click of a button. It’s really that easy!

· Security – Secure software

As an MSP we understand the importance of security and that it is a fundamental requirement for all platforms deployed in modern businesses that’s why we chose to partner with ScreenCloud as they offer a security-first approach for your peace of mind.

Their security framework is aligned with the AICPA SOC2 and ISO 27000 series (more security information can be found here: Security at ScreenCloud ) You can be assured that when you integrate digital signage you are able to securely and efficiently upload content from anywhere at any time.

As discussed, there are some amazing benefits that come with deploying digital signage that can be leveraged and tailored to all industries.

By partnering with us, we can help to transform your business with our digital signage packages which can include software & hardware, full training on the platform as well as Support & Quarterly updates!

Our services can be tailored to your exact needs, enquire today for a smart screen solution:

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