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From us to you this Christmas: Our teams top 10 IT tips

We asked 10 team members at Total IT to tell their favourite IT tip they have picked up over the years and we want to share these tips with you...

1. The classic - Turn it off & on again. You would be surprised how often this fixes an issue!

2. Assigning tasks in Microsoft teams channels – Microsoft Teams allows you to use planners for different teams within your business, assign tasks and even set deadlines, find out more from our YouTube: Microsoft Teams - How to use Tasks by Planner - YouTube

3. Windows slow to boot? Go to Task Manager –> Start up tab to choose which software should and shouldn’t open when first starting up your computer (speeds up boot times and minimises unnecessary memory usage)

4. Don’t be afraid to use new technology – New tech is designed to make our lives easier, so make the most of it and don’t be afraid to try new tech!

5. To make an instant table in excel, select the cells and press Ctrl + T

6. If your device is stuck, did you know, you can power off most devices by holding the power button in for 10 seconds!

7. Ctrl + Shift + T opens a previously closed tab (provided you haven’t locked your computer)

8. Share Microsoft 365 files via links rather than attachments, reduce duplication and enables coworking on documents.

9. Deploy a password manager like MyGlue or LastPass to help store and create secure passwords.

10. If in doubt – Call Total IT – Total IT’s expert team have the answers to all your IT related issues.

Our Total IT team have years of experience and the best IT tips going! Follow our socials for more tips tricks and industry updates:

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