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How can the right CCTV & Access Control system transform your business?

Updated: May 17, 2023

cctv monitoring

As new technology is consistently emerging, businesses have begun to rethink their security strategies to keep up with these changes.

Where CCTV monitors potential security threats, access control authorises entry to your premises. Integrating these two technologies opens the door to a wider range of security features. By integrating these two technologies opens up a whole host of additional powerful security features which we want to discuss the benefits of.

Ease of mind, protection

There is no bigger benefit to CCTV and Access Control systems than the ease of mind that comes with having a modern and reliable security system in place. By integrating a CCTV system like Genetec’s Omnicast, you receive real time video surveillance with dynamic maps and customised dashboards that will allow you to respond faster to any incidents and monitor events from a single location.

Not only does this real time CCTV solution provide many benefits by itself, it is also compatible with Genetec’s Synergis Access Control which is a modern, open and flexible solution, designed to help you expand your reach with security and visibility. With integrated smart dashboards, Synergis allows you to make better decisions to strengthen your security and optimise your operations.

Unified with Genetec’s ‘Security Center’ & Mission Control – run your entire control room from one piece of software.

Genetec’s Security Center offers a modern approach to security, centralising all of your data so that you can manage security policies, monitor events, and even run investigations. With a single interface designed to unify your whole security environment, this will then save you a lot of time going back and forth between security applications.

This on top of Genetec’s Incident management system ‘Mission Control’ allows you to analyse events over your entire security system. This modern incident management system detects and separates low priority and high priority incidents, the notification for these are instant, guiding a quick response so operations are able to go back to normal quicker.

Clearance – Securely transfer evidence when needed

In the case of your CCTV detecting an incident, have you got the right technology to securely transfer the evidence?

Copying evidence onto a DVD or drive has become less secure, costly and more time consuming over the years. Investing in a digital evidence management system is highly recommended to help save you time as well as securely transfer evidence with just a click of a button!

Our partners at Genetec allow us to provide you with a smart, modern solution ‘Clearance’ which simplifies all of the digital evidence and incidents that can arise, it centralises all of your evidence media from multiple sources/devices e.g. surveillance cameras, body-worn devices, smartphone captures, audio, pictures or documents. (Source: Genetec). This is centralised and secure solution is great for organising your operations and increasing your productivity.

Scalable – grows with you – future proof and modern

Having the right CCTV and Access Control systems for your business will certainly increase your scalability, with the help of our partners at Genetec we are able to provide you with a modern approach to security, a future proof plan that grows with your business. Whether you are a small business or a worldwide company, Genetec’s security center allows you to manage growth big or small!

So how can we help you transform your business?

The list of benefits for an integrated, modern security system with CCTV and Access Control can go on and on, there has never been a better time to modernise your security system. Whether you’re upgrading or installing from new, our specialist engineers can advise you to draw the most out of your access control and CCTV.

Speak to our professional team for more information on how to transform your business today

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