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Microsoft have officially announced their upcoming plans for the all-new Windows 11! ​We are so excited for this update! We want to share with you, everything you need to know about the new update and all of its amazing new features. When will Windows 11 be released? According to Microsoft, the new Windows 11 PC’s are set out to be released this Autumn and will be delivered over several months. Windows 11 will also be available for Windows 10 users to download for free. ​This upgrade is optional and should also be available around the same time, although may not be offered to everyone instantly. What is new in Windows 11? Windows 11 will include a wide variety of amazing new features and improvements, we want to highlight the main advancements that Microsoft have announced: New user interface (UI): Microsoft has decided to redesign the user interface to create an effortless, clean, and fluid space for its users. This new UI is designed to encourage productivity and a creative workflow with new features and functionalities embedded, like the new “Snap Navigator” for “Snap Layouts” & “Snap Groups” This is a menu that will drop down from the maximise button within an app window. This will allow for you to snap an app to a pre-set of grid layouts without the need to move your window over the to the edge of your display. Start menu and Taskbar: Microsoft has revamped their Start Menu & Taskbar – it will now be moved into the centre of the screen by default and has also been renamed ‘The dock’. This is one of the biggest changes that users will most likely notice. Your app icons will also now no longer be live tiles but rather in a grid of apps that can later be rearranged and any apps that you have running or pinned will now be in the centre of the taskbar too. Quick actions are now going to be known as quick settings and will appear when clicking on the system icons on the far right on the Taskbar. Integrating Teams: We are super excited about the new Teams integration into The Dock, with the new ability to share app windows into a Teams call directly from the taskbar as well as muting your mic from the system tray area. As well as this you will also have a new Chat app built in the taskbar, allowing you to call, text and share files a lot easier through Microsoft Teams. Windows Widgets: Microsoft have incorporated AI-powered dynamic features that enable widgets which are accessible via the dock and are customisable. The start menu and widgets are all ‘cloud powered’ so have the ability to dynamically change depending on running apps and the time of day. On the touch screen you can now slide from left to right on the desktop and your widgets will appear.

Image Credits: Windows

What are the minimum requirements for the update? ​Microsoft will soon be releasing a PC Health Check App to see if your current PC meets the specification to run Windows 11. However, they have set out some minimum requirements that might be of use for you now.


1 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC


4 GB



System Firmware

UEFI, Secure Boot capable


Trusted platform module version 2.0

Graphics card

DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x


> 9 inch diagonal with HD Resolution (720p)

Internet connection

Microsoft account and internet connectivity required for setup of Windows 11

​Here is a quick video from Microsoft Windows to provide you with some visuals.

​We love Windows new look, we want to know your thoughts too so leave a comment and let us know if you’re loving it as much as we are! For any advice, help or questions you may have on the new update please contact us on:


Rebecca Boff Marketing Coordinator

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