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WiFi Security Guide

WiFi security within buildings is becoming increasingly crucial as wireless connections can be liabilities if you don’t take the necessary steps to secure them.

Security threats are everywhere, especially if your building/office is located in a densely populated area, your wireless network could easily be exposed to large numbers of undesired users, some of these can even be engaging in cybercrimes such as monitoring/recording your online activity and stealing your buildings private information.

How can you secure your building/office WiFi?

Update software and firmware regularly: With WiFi networks becoming more and more vulnerable, it is essential to ensure that your connectivity software/firmware is consistently updated to the newest versions, as this will provide you with the latest security fixes. This will help to eliminate specific network flaws that could make your network weak and unsecure. Ensure all network equipment is covered under a maintenance plan.

Separate network for guests: It’s highly recommended that you separate internal and guest networks, this prevents undesired network activity as well as reducing congestion and improving your network structure.

Keep distinct SSID Name and Password: Hiding or modifying the SSID name and creating a strong password will help to encrypt your network.

Encode local traffic with WPA3 and VPN: Hackers have the ability to readily monitor traffic on a local network even without the password, deploying WPA3 encryption and a VPN ensures you have numerous levels of protection against hackers.

Protect systems that access your network: Using high-security systems can protect your confidential data and information, having anti-malware software installed on each system that connects to your office WiFi network is extremely crucial.

Zero trust: Zero trust is a new security architecture that promotes a zero trust policy on any device, it defines a principle of ‘never trust and always verify’

Alerts: Ensure your system can alert you to similar name WiFi networks to prevent spoofing and protect your users.

These security best practices are critical to keep you, your employees and your data secure. Total IT’s specialist security and connectivity team are on hand to help you implement these procedures with ease and efficiency, providing you with tailored, smart security solutions.

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