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Exciting New updates on Teams

Has your Team been as connected as they should be throughout this Pandemic?

Well, Microsoft are continuously working to provide valuable updates on features that users love, to enable flexibility and productivity on every device. We aim to present what we believe are the top 6 exciting new features of Microsoft Teams and how these can benefit you and your team.

1. Video enhancements for Teams Meetings including, Background Blur, Gallery View, 3x3 layout and Together mode:

  • Teams phones update allows a new video layout including Large gallery view to allow for more participants – up to 49 participants.

  • 3x3 gallery view allowing users to see video feeds of up to 9 meeting participants at a time.

  • Together mode brings you and your team members together in the same virtual space with no barriers, encouraging natural human interaction which can really make you feel more connected with your team, this is vital in todays working environment.

In each of these new video enhancements, you have the ability to blur your background to remove all distractions.

2. Screensharing on select Audio Phones – This update can be used on some models of Audio Phones which have the right hardware, this will allow user to see content that’s being presented in meetings.

3. Spotlight – Spotlighting means you can pin an individual’s video for everyone in the teams meeting. If you are the organiser or presenter, you have the ability to choose anyone's video (including your own) to be the main video people see creating higher focus and less distractions when someone is speaking.

4. ‘Meet Now’ – This feature enables you to have instant meetings without needing to pre-schedule. Users can select “meet now” in their calendar interface to easily start a meeting and add your chosen participant, you also have the ability to use this during group discussions on teams.

5. Proximity based meeting join on Teams conference room phones - Microsoft Teams conference phone is supported from this update. The Microsoft Teams client on your PC and mobile detect proximity of the conference phone and allows you to add the phone effortlessly to the meeting from your pre-join screen on your desktop or mobile.

6. Noise Suppression – Whether there is a dog barking in the background or someone mowing their lawn, you now have the ability to eliminate all of these sounds and focuses on the sound of your voice instead. This is beneficial as your meeting will not be disrupted by background noises.

For more information on all of the recent Microsoft Teams updates, click on the video below.

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