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Make property management easier by outsourcing your IT

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IT Support services refers to technologically related solutions and assistance, this support is provided by IT industry experts. As a business strategy you can opt to outsource your IT to an MSP like Total IT for example. IT Support covers a range of services, for example: IT Security, Managed Cloud solutions or even printing services.

Outsourcing IT has many benefits and can ease the pressure when managing properties/buildings. Let’s take a look at the advantages of outsourcing your IT needs:

Myth: Outsourcing IT is not a long-term solution

Truth: In this digital era, businesses are constantly changing the way they work, from new technologies as well as general business growth.

By getting to know your current strategies, goals and visions, this will enable your service provider to then tailor solutions to suit your current goals as well as helping to adapt with your future visions. This is just one of the reasons that outsourcing IT is the perfect solution for building managers as a long-term solution.

Myth: Outsourcing IT will mean loss of control

Truth: Outsourcing your IT doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal. Businesses and buildings have their own set of IT requirements therefore, utilising an external service provider like Total IT is beneficial as we are able to tailor our solutions to suit your specific needs, whether you need backup solutions, cyber security or compatible hardware.

Working with external providers will also allow you to have a better insight into the functioning of your IT systems and it can actually increase your control to a certain degree, whilst also allowing you to focus on your core building operations.

Myth: Outsourcing IT will create security risks

Truth: Managed service providers tend to have a dedicated security team who will provide proactive approaches to cyber security, using advanced training and tools. This includes proactive reviewing of security tools, approaches, protocols and practices for stopping any attempted attacks. IT providers are also able install intelligent tools that can analyse servers and networks in real-time, allowing immediate responses to any threats that may arise.

With enhanced security teams having a proactive approach to security and providing innovative and automated security tools, this leads to a high level of productivity and a trusting relationship between client and IT Partner.

Other benefits:

Total IT have a highly trained team, as we have various partners from Microsoft, Dell to Cisco, our engineers have high expertise in all IT areas as well as access to latest technologies and tools to give you the best quality services.

Not only are you getting good quality service through specialisation. By outsourcing your IT you can lower your operating costs, in comparison to using an experienced in-house IT team which tend to have higher long term costs e.g. hiring, training, insurance, retirement and any other benefits. Outsourcing saves a lot of time and resources for your building as you pay for only what you need from your service provider.

Here at Total IT we specialise in all IT areas. Our engineers optimise all training provided in order to become experts in their fields. Our focus is to provide tailored and innovative solutions to make property management easier for you, from seamless cloud integrations to bespoke printing services, we do it all!

Speak to our team for a free consultation today!

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Qcom Ltd
Qcom Ltd
Dec 20, 2023

Great insights! Outsourcing IT with experts like Total IT is indeed a smart move for long-term success and control. Their proactive security measures and highly trained team ensure top-notch service. At Qcom Ltd, we offer IT solutions tailored to your needs, including IT security, support, managed services, and cloud security solutions. Connect with us for seamless property management!

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