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Importance of having the right technology and support

Technology is an ever-growing innovating concept, keeping up to date with the latest technology changes can be challenging, whilst vitally beneficial for your business. Within the modern workplace we have seen first-hand just how beneficial technology has been, with new tools and programmes allowing employees to work remotely with safety and ease during the pandemic.

In this blog we want to present you with some amazing benefits that you can receive by implementing the right technologies for your business.

Increased security

Cyber attacks remain a threat to businesses all over the world, unfortunately, 64% of companies worldwide have experienced at least one form of cyber-attack. Statistics have also shown that in March 2021 alone there were 20 million breached records.

With the majority of businesses implementing multi-cloud computing strategies, it is becoming more imperative than ever to protect your complex data. This ongoing fear of having your business’ sensitive data hacked can be decreased incredibly with the right security practises implemented.

With the rise in technologies and continuous growth of cyber-attacks, it is crucial that your business has the right, up to date risk management system and security practices in place. Our team at Total IT are fully trained and are able to implement tailor made security strategies to fit for your business’ needs.

Increased productivity and focus

It has been recognised that increased technological integration has benefited companies greatly in terms of employee engagement and increased productivity. Any sized business can benefit from deploying the proper software and hardware tools in place to improve results – cloud-based data specifically has had a major impact on this, as workforces can communicate and collaborate instantly from anywhere.

Use of focused tools that are tailored for your business is very crucial, having the right tools can increase focus, for example time tracking tools. Employees can manage their time a lot easier and better, this allows them to take time to focus on what’s important and can help them to reach goals. Such tools also provide analytics, so individuals and managers can track employee productivity and progress – this helps to identify any problems quicker too (time saving! We will discuss further in the following paragraph).

Save time and money

With the continuous evolution of technology and software, advanced tools have been able to allow for time saving. In today’s world employees can keep up with busy schedules through technological aid, these modern tools can also help for employees to organise their days better (We highly recommend tasks in Microsoft Teams).

Modern technical tools help to assist money saving too, by implementing new technologies that allow collaboration and communication from anywhere and everywhere, this flexibility within the workforce helps to save your office money and energy consumption.

By implementing the tools that are available to your business can also help to go paperless whereby you can not only save money but the environment too!

Reaching out & expanding your business

Through technological advances we now have concepts we couldn’t have dreamed of before such as webinars, newsletters and CRM’s – anything is possible in the modern world!

By integrating new technological tools, you give yourself wider opportunities to network and connect with new people, partners, vendors and clients. You have the ability to reach out and target new audiences easier and faster than ever, which will help exponentially expand your business in the long run.

Having the right technical support and security for all of these new and advanced tools and technologies can be just as important as implementing the tech itself!

At Total IT we offer the whole package, tailor made solutions specifically for your requirements!

For more information on the services we offer give us a call today:

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