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Get ahead of the competition with Microsoft 365

Within the last 2 years we have witnessed an ocean of change throughout all industries – digital technology has been a leading shift, contactless is the new norm, contactless curb side pickup, contactless payments, & contactless shopping in retail.

Thank goodness for these changes, giving us digital agility and flexibility! You can now get away with forgetting to bring your wallet/purse out with you. This new era of technology is potentially more necessary than it’s ever been.

With a new hybrid working environment and a new way of life where people expect their digital data to be available anywhere, anytime and on any device – Microsoft 365 may just be the solution you are looking for.

How can Microsoft 365 benefit your business and keep you ahead of the competition?

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud are constantly evolving and are top of the line in terms of helping organisations, employees and consumers navigate major trends in the modern world, whether you’re a small business or a fortune 500 company, Microsoft is used by organisations worldwide.

Microsoft 365 empowers organisations digital capability as well as keeping data confidential and secure. It is powered by the Office 365 suite which provides all the essential tools for your business operations from productivity and collaboration to security and more.

Collaboration and Productivity in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has exceeded expectations when it comes to collaboration tools for teams, so much so that using online collaboration tools could be the single best decision you could take for your business. Using Microsoft’s collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint’s team sites.

This software supports improvement in communication and helps to keep track of and collaborate on projects and files which in the long run will then help to boost productivity, help you maximise your profits, and make for happier, more satisfied employees.

Regardless of your team’s size, working style, location or devices used, deploying Microsoft 365 offers endless opportunities to advance your business’ and bypass your competitors, especially with the abilities to fully customise and configure your Microsoft 365 to suit your business’

User friendly with easy device deployment

Microsoft have worked endlessly to create an efficient, user-friendly device deployment process. Office 365 is easily deployed and can be installed locally, alternatively can be run via online version of the applications.

All that is needed for this is Active Directory credentials, then from the portal users have access to emails, contacts, calendars and have the ability to create and edit documents online from anywhere at any time.

Advanced security and management in Microsoft 365

So… How secure is Microsoft 365?

Well, Microsoft 365 has spent nearly $1 billion on securing their products in the last year, additionally with integrate cloud technologies. These new security features include email encryption and threat protection to name a couple.

Microsoft’s data centres (that store all the highly confidential data) are extraordinarily secure, biometric scanners are used for entrance and the locations of the centres are unidentified, even the workers themselves do not have access to the data.

There are, however, ways for users to keep their personal important data secure all surrounding passwords, you can find some more information and tips around keeping your Microsoft 365 and important data secure in our previous blogs:

The new digital world that we live in requires all businesses to have a technological competitive edge and that is only the beginning of what you can expect from Microsoft 365.

Still not convinced?

Our specialist team are always on hand to have a chat and help advise you on the right tailored solutions for your organisation.

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