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Five steps to better cybersecurity

In July, we explore proactive steps that businesses can take to make sure their cybersecurity is as strong as possible. The cybersecurity landscape is always evolving. Cybercriminals are continually seeking new ways to hack into our mobiles, laptops and wider computer networks. The alarming truth is that now hackers are actively targeting small businesses, especiallly during this pandemic.

Most small businesses do not have the resources to pay for expensive security systems or revamp their entire IT infrastructure. Yet this should not prevent anyone from improving their cybersecurity. There are plenty of affordable options. The most important thing — and the most cost-effective solution — is to get the basics right. We have extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes improve their security setup. Please get in touch if you would like any assistance, advice or have any questions.

1. Better Leadership Business owners need to lead from the front and drive the necessary changes. 2. Better education Staff training is essential. Everyone needs to know how to spot suspicious links and sites. 3. Better technology Basic security software will protect businesses from the latest security threats. 4. Better procedures Businesses need to implement a strategy that results in procedures for employees to follow. 5. Better support Bringing in trusted partners that specialise in IT security services can really make a difference

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