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As the UK government has announced a second National lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is now more essential than ever that remote workers remain united during such unce​rtain times. Here at Total IT we understand just how important it is to stay driven whilst being at home. In this blog we aim to provide insight on how Microsoft Teams can help your team remain productive as well as staying connected with one and other. Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 team app & a teamwork hub included as standard with Microsoft 365 subscriptions that enables all workers to collaborate, wherever they may be. Teams incorporates more than 250 fully integrated apps and services such as Microsoft’s Planner & SharePoint to enable you to stay more focused and organised than ever.

As Teams is a Cloud-based platform, the following functions are accessible anytime and anywhere via the desktop or mobile app.

1. Instant chats Enabling 1 to 1 Instant chats as well as being able to create group chats, allowing guest access and file sharing. The Instant chat functionality allows you to stay in contact with your colleagues in real time, without the stress of the email-upon-email response. Allowing ease and fluidity to keep productivity levels thriving. 2. File sharing – MS Teams understands that every company has different requirements, Teams is fully customisable for exactly that reason. Staying undivided by being able to securely share files with colleagues and collaborate with them through the built-in access of SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and other productivity applications. 3. Video Conferencing – Making meetings more personal. You have the ability to invite anyone with an email address to join your meeting. Whether you are having a one-to-one call, hosting training or delivering a sales pitch you can do this in real time using the Video Conferencing feature. During video conferencing you can also enable background effects or blur the background so that you can preserve your privacy whilst at home, as well as keeping the focus on yourself rather than the mess you made the night before. 4. Screen sharing – Whilst on a Video call with your colleagues you can enable screen sharing, so that everyone can see the same content at the same time. You can select exactly what you want your team to see, whether that is your desktop, a file or a browser window. It is made so simple with Microsoft Teams. 5. Audio conferencing – Making sure everyone is involved. Enabling up to 250 phone attendees (both internal and external to your company) to dial in to high quality meetings from their phones for those who may have a lack of internet connection or those who may just find it more convenient in their position. 6. Live events Teams Live events is an extension to Teams meetings, allowing users to broadcast video and meeting content to a broad audience with people inside and outside your organisation. Teams provides the ability for the host/organiser to create an event and invite up to 10,000 attendees within the integrated Calendar.

Total IT absorb these benefits and many more. Your business can too! If you’re not already connected through Microsoft Teams you can sign up for free including 300 users. This free trial includes:

  • Unlimited Chat and Search – Enabling you to communicate with your team and stay in the know with free chat and searching capabilities.

  • Online meetings and video calling – Have your whole team on one screen with built in meetings through Audio &/or Video calling.

  • Team and personal file storage – 10GB of team file storage is available as well as 2GB of personal file storage per person.

  • Real-time collaboration with Office – Working together using Office apps for the web, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

We recognise how tough times are for all businesses but one thing you can be sure of, is that our specialist service team are fully trained and ready to assist you with any queries or set ups you may need help with.

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