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Women in technology

At Total IT we pride ourselves on being a diverse company, with over half of our team being women. We are so proud of the amazingly talented women on our team for consistently challenging the norm, bringing innovative ideas and conquering such a male-dominated industry!

This international women’s day we asked the women within our team what advice they would give to women who are looking at having a career in the tech industry and we want to share the amazing responses we got:

“I would say the only limits in your life are those that you set yourself. And if you are ever told by someone that you can't, you are being shown their limits, not your own.”

“The advice I would give would be, don't feel intimidated if you don’t know everything straight away, knowledge and experience comes with time”.

“I would say the Tech industry is a rapidly growing and is dynamic and ever changing, Its a great industry to get into at the start of somebody's working life, but also it's never too late to change your career and try something new in Tech”

“The advice I would give is, do your research, work hard, take constructive criticism, and learn from mistakes. Also make sure you are actually interested in the field of work.”

“My advice is go for it, do what you want to do and dont let anyone’s opinion stop you.”

“Always be willing to learn anything new in the It industry is important. It is always changing and good to keep up with the new technology. This then will help with assisting clients with their needs and improve their business any way we can.”

According to The Spectator - Women make up half of the workforce in the UK. Yet when it comes to high-skilled, high-income jobs in tech, just 26% of the workforce are women and 77% of tech leaders are men, not the case here at Total IT.

As a team we want to demonstrate that tech open to all to try something new without fear of failure. If you are looking for an opportunity in tech, please find our vacancies here: Total IT Technology Solutions Ltd jobs and careers |

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