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5 benefits to outsourcing your printing maintenance

Maintaining printers can be a tedious job for most, outsourcing your printing maintenance means that you have an expert team to help with print technology installation, a reliable source for all toners and parts as well as regular copier and printer checks and cleaning services can keep your equipment working well, and make it more durable.

1. Improve efficiency

By outsourcing your printing maintenance, you can reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks. The process of printing, scanning etc. on old hardware/poorly configure software is just a glimpse of the time-consuming tasks related to inhouse printing. There is also the added time spent fixing hardware malfunctions and replacing the ink cartridges and toners.

Outsourcing your printer maintenance means that these time-consuming issues are relieved from inhouse employees by entrusting your printers needs to our expert technicians.

2. Improved productivity

The printing needs within a smart building can vary quite a bit, by outsourcing your printing services, our engineers carry out initial assessments to your current and future needs to tailor a solution/package that is right for you, meaning you are only receiving what you need, cutting all unnecessary hassle.

Frequent hardware upgrades and staff training can also add to increase productivity through outsourcing.

3. Reduced costs

Keeping costs down can be difficult in smart buildings, especially with all the special technology that makes these buildings smart. Maintaining individual hardware at one at a time can add extra unnecessary costs to your building.

By outsourcing your printer maintenance, you can reduce these costs, as expert engineers will be able to do thorough print audit and assessments to innovative approaches to consolidate your hardware. Having too many devices dispersed around your building will cost more to maintain and use up space and electricity. A print expert will have the ability to calculate the actual cost of an ad-hoc approach and identify ways to make savings.

4. Reduce environmental footprint

It has been increasingly important for smart buildings to be as eco-friendly with their business operations as possible. By outsourcing your printer upkeep, you can reduce your environmental footprint! How?

With monitoring systems in place, you can identify and track levels of print usage which in turn enables you to make changes to then reduce your paper usage/electricity and printing consumables!

5. Improved security

With risk of intellectual property theft and information security breaches on the rise in smart buildings, it is important that all devices are included in your cyber security strategy, this includes your printers! Many people can forget to include their printers in this, but it can be vital.

As with other hardware devices, printers are connected via networks, these can carry vital information for your building, which can be retrieved by hackers if the correct printing security packages aren’t put in place, with access to cyber security experts it can help to mitigate risks of print and IP security risks that can be faced.

Maintaining your printing services can be extremely costly and time consuming, that is why the team at Total IT want to help make your life easier. How can Total IT’s printing services benefit smart buildings?

Total IT have an amazing team of IT specialists, fully trained for all your needs, whether its monitoring ink levels, dispatching ink, to helping you to secure your printing hardware we cover it all!

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