Online Conferencing

Simple Online Conferencing

Online conferencing means:

    • You can meet anyone online no matter where you are
    • Travel costs to meetings are eliminated
    • No time is wasted on your business projects
    • You can conduct online conferences on your laptop, tablet or smartphone
    • No meetings have to be missed

How many can use it at the same time?
Believe it or not, HD video conferencing can accommodate up to 250 people in one go. You may however, want to work out a system for who speaks first!

Efficient, Spontaneous Conferences
The facility to have snap meetings with your team, no matter if they are scattered all over the country or even the world. Traditional meetings would so much more time to organise and populate that this new way is something of a ‘no-brainer’.

Online Messaging
Including people in live meetings doesn’t necessarily have to be voice-based either, you can Instant Message (IM) anyone in the room if you want to ask a question, but not interrupt the meeting. Also, each participant in the meeting can include a picture of themselves, so you are always sure on who’s talking.

In essence, Total IT’s video conferencing software makes previously impossible get togethers easy and painless with a minimum of cost to your business.

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