Managed Printing

An unavoidable fact of business is that you need either paper or digital documents to effectively operate and serve your customers. However, for a lot of companies, the overall efficiency of their print services can be something of a mystery. What isn’t widely known is that by using managed print solutions, a cost saving of 30% is not unusual.

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Next Generation Tools

Whatever the status of your current print environment, Total IT offers several options utilising next-generation print management solutions to get you back behind the wheel and in control of your document processes.

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Dashboard Overview

Key metrics relating to your printing mechanisms can be seen in a holistic way using our purpose built dashboards. Information such as overall cost, device utilisation and sustainability data can help you quickly easily optimise your setup.

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Security Audit Facility

Discover issues and gaps in your print security policy as our intuitive audit facility analyses your network and compares it to your current security parameters. Vital information that highlights solid and useful actions to tighten up your infrastructure.

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Mobile Solutions

Being able to print remotely and securely is becoming more and more relevant with smartphones, laptops and tablets now commonplace in the work environment. Enhanced LDAP authentication allows highly secure printing from any remote location.

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Intelligent Workflow Assessment

Overseeing your organisation, Total IT’s Managed Print Solutions shows you how to more efficiently run your processes. Valuable insights based on client input and metrics provide a clear picture of where you can increase workflow productivity.

Whereas once, printing networks were basic affairs, now there are many more factors to consider when evaluating your printing solutions. Let us help you take the first steps towards making your printing processes as efficient and useful to your business as they can be.

For more information on Managed Printing Services, please call Total IT. We look forward to seeing how we can help you.

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