Managed Antivirus

Protect Your Infrastructure with Total IT’s Managed Antivirus Solutions

Configured to be used on all of your company devices simply and easily from a central dashboard interface, our Antivirus service keeps you protected. In a modern world of ever more sophisticated threats to your infrastructure, safeguarding your business is become more and more important.

Easy Migration

If you want to move from an existing Antivirus vendor, it is made easy using a free ‘Agent Removal Tool’ which automates the removal of all traces of it at the click of a button.

Protection from emerging threats is a given with all Antivirus software, so what else does our Antivirus service give you?

  • Management of scans on all devices from a central dashboard
  • Notification when threat is identified and quarantined
  • Suggested actions when a threat is discovered
  • Full Scheduling on all aspects of your Managed Antivirus profile

Its real selling point? Flexibility

Instead of needing to manage different Antivirus software applications across your network, everything can be managed from the central dashboard, even including reporting, updates and integrated billing.

Synchronised Antivirus Patterns

Should the requirement exist, the facility for a ‘Site Concentrator’ to download and cache the original pattern definition of your Antivirus, as well as each update since its implementation. Agents on your network can download these templates when needed, cutting down on external traffic into your network.

Fine Tuning

Protection policies for your business will need reviewing on a regular basis to allow for new threats to security. Scan schedules, file exclusions and actions upon detection are all aspects that can be dynamically adjusted when the need arises.

Default policies are supplied for multiple devices including business servers, exchange servers, generic and SQL servers. These provide standard microsoft recommendations governing file and folder exclusions.

For more information on Managed Antivirus Solutions and other IT infrastructure matters, call Total IT today. We are ready and waiting to take your call.