Cloud Solutions

Hosted Desktop Services

Access your office anywhere with hosted desktop solutions from Total IT. Market leading office applications let you create, amend and share your files from your desktop,

laptop or your portable iOS, Android or windows device from wherever you are.

Email and Calendar Solutions

Synchronize your online communications and scheduling across all of your devices in real time with Total IT’s email and calendar cloud services. Never miss an important meeting or miss out on business opportunities through lack of email access thanks to constantly self-updating software that boasts in-built security against malware and unwanted spam.

Collaboration facilities

Enjoy access to all your files for personal or business collaboration purposes, hassle-free, anytime, anywhere. By sharing, storing and synchronising your files at the touch of a button, everyone in your organization will be able to work in-house or remotely on documents closely with teammates and 3rd party business partners.

Online Conferencing

Never again let a traffic jam or train delays make you late for a meeting, by connecting online from anywhere on any device. Whether you are on the road, at home or visiting a supplier, online meetings can eliminate all those travel costs and put you where you need to be…face-to-face with clients.