Business Mobile

An Alternative Mobile Service

If advertising were to be believed, then there is no viable choice outside of the major network providers when it comes to Business Mobile Solutions. One thing that is lost however, when you cater for as many people as they do, is the personal touch.

There is an alternative. Our partnership with Gamma Mobile gives us access to mobile plans with a unique approach to customer service. With complete control over your services and tariffs, you can get the solutions you need without the usual levels of red tape and inflexible policies.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Gamma Mobile can make amendments to your tariffs and service packages without having to rely on a Major Network to implement them. Anyone who’s ever had a mobile with one of the big boys will know that saying they’ll make the promised changes doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it.
The customer service experience you get with Gamma is probably not in line with what you will have had before. Your needs and requests are dealt with by a skilled and knowledgeable team that know how to get them done and in the quickest possible way. As the network uses the same masts as the major operators, you get a super personal service coupled with the best possible signal coverage.
Anyone who has a requirement for highly responsive customer services will find Gamma Mobile a refreshing alternative. Both small and medium sized companies will be able to benefit from low call costs between users and to other mobiles and fixed lines.
We know that moving your existing number to another mobile provider can sometimes result in problems and delays can really hit your business if it means your mobile isn’t working for any length of time. With Gamma, porting is easy and will be managed every step of the way.

Gamma Mobile offers the perfect combination of a resilient mobile network and customer support that makes you feel like your business is important to them.

For more information on Business Mobiles or for a chat about how we can help you, call us today. We are eager to assist.